Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Behind the Scenes at January shoot!

I had a shoot this Monday with photographer Lotte Simons and Lydia Pankhurst. We wanted to do a studio shoot, but unfortunately the funding was very low. We decided to make a studio ourselves by using my living room, some white sheets and nails, using some industrial lighting.
The shoot actually went very well considering our DIY take on it, the theme was to make it look as though she was flying (we used a mattress which the model Bonnie, fell on to) although this later turned into some static/darker images as we continued.
The next shoot we did was a night time shoot. This is the first time I have done a night shoot and it went really well, despite it being very cold and a bit spooky. The look we went for was a glam/grunge image which worked really well with the lighting. Model - Ellie Watson.
Photos up soon!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Studio Shoot with Glenn Richardson and Cyan Cheung

I've just got back the photographs from the Studio Shoot that I did last month with Cyan Cheung and Glenn Richardson.

I am so pleased with the photographs, they are completely different to everything I have done previously and really add's to my portfolio.
The clothing I used for this shoot was mainly sourced from my friend and designer
Scottacus Anthony. I wanted to go for a darker, edgier look which I think worked really well with Cyan's look. I love how different Cyan looks in the photographs what with the help of the change in the styling and the make-up and hair. Very, very pleased with these photographs, hope you like them!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Treasure Dress

These are the rest of the Images taken from the Vintage Shoot that I did with Bella earlier this year. The images are for the new website Treasure Dress which is an online vintage boutique put together by the very talented Lydia Jones.

This photo is taken from behind the scenes showing me holding the twigs behind her head like antlers, I think in the final images you cannot even tell I was behind her head!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Brighton Church Street wall

I've done a couple of posts of the graffiti on this wall in Brighton (Inspiration I and Inspiration II) and yet again this wall has been changing. The last two pictures that I've taken were very similar to each other and have just been adapted. I love Brighton!

Image from January 2011
Image from November 2010
Image from Aug 2010
Image from Sept 2009