Thursday, 27 May 2010

Festival Time!

Pink Multi Bangle set Accessorize, Turquoise Wellies Hunter Originals, Cream Embroidered Top Miss Selfridge, Sun dress Warehouse, Sun Hat Gap, Feather Earrings Topshop, Sunglasses Asos, Gladiator Sandals Office, Bleached Frayed Denim Shorts Topshop, Brown Bag Urban Outfitters.

Yes it's that time of year again, the summer holidays! And the summer holidays in my case mean its festival time again! This year I'm doing Glastonbury and here's my selection of festival fancies to get us all excited about music, sleepless nights and mud again! So get your tent packed and ready and don't forget your face paints (and fingers crossed it will be sunny!!!)

My boyfriend complained that there was no festival clothes for him so here's my updated festival time with men's clothing! First time for everything, so I hope you guys approve!

Check Shirt Topman, Silver Wellies Hunter Originals, Denim Shorts Topman,Yellow Watch Asos, Blue T-Shirt Addict, Hat Liberty, Bracelet Asos, Aviators Asos, Brown Flip-Flops Office, Green Hoddie Element.

Divergence Metamorphosis Photoshoot. for Krister Selin

These photographs are taken from a recent project I helped style for Krister Selin's illustration project. Krister applied his illustrations to garments to give a different outcome to his illustration work.
Me and my lovely styling partner Naomi Farmer put together the beautiful Jumpsuit by Scott Perkin and the stunning dress and scarf by Clare Harman on the equally beautiful Olivia Brotheridge. I am loving the tropical outcome that photographer Jacquline Boulton and Krister produced (who's to know that it was actually in his dusty garden greenhouse, we went to a tropical paradise honest!). Despite the photo-shoot being late notice, me and Nay were able to quickly put together the looks for Krister. I'm very pleased to say that my make-up skills don't look as amateur as I am when it comes to doing make-up and hair styling, mind you that may have something to do with my experience in my last project. This has defiantly made me consider doing a part time make-up course next year as quite often a make-up artist is difficult to come by.

Out with the old in with the new...

Out with the old...
in with the new!

I don't know if any of you have noticed but Torie Rose blogspot has had an update! Yes that's right, my new logo is a shiny new uptake from my original rather shabby wilting rose. My lovely friend Lewes Jillett redesigned my logo for my new website and I felt that my blog could do with an update!
Oh and on that note, yes I have started a new website at At the moment it only currently has my latest project and is still in the process of development but it will be receiving a similar update this summer with past and new projects.

Latest Project - 18th C vs 80's

This is my most recent project which was based on the 18th Century and the 80's it was about exploring a life of extravagance from two different times that had many common attributes. I tired to give a story to my magazine spread (which was based on the fashion magazine Lula) and my film. The story was about being stuck inside wishing to escape and I'm hoping you can clearly see that this suggests this. I'm really pleased with my final outcome and all I can say is a very big thank you to the huge team I had that brought it all together! Hope you like it!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sea of Bunnies

I came across this modern take on The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai today. I'm loving the sea of bunnies called Uprisings by Kozyndan. It's nice to see that inspiration is still apparent in today's modern art.

Back to Brighton!

So I'm back in Brighton this weekend for a serious detox after handing in my final project on Tuesday (will be posted soon) anyway I say detox but I actually mean partying hard and shopping...did you expect otherwise?
Anyway what have I been up to?
Well...I went to the Spindle Magazine launch party on Thursday night at Madame Geisha's which was pretty exciting as its a new Brighton based magazine. Also my friend Lydia who is a make-up artist did the make-up for the catwalk show, so a big well done to her!
Anyway despite being very tipsy we had a good night, I especially enjoyed my friend Scott's enthusiasm as he was 'Adored by all' in his tiger jacket!

We also spent a good few hours in Snoopers collecting, yes I am already planning my next project in five months time! Hoping to get some great inspiration this summer including trips and building up a portfolio! Wish me luck x

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Scrunchie is Back...?

Remember the time when we all used to have ponytails and donned them with Scrunchies? Well we thought those days had gone but I was in Miss Selfridges the other day and happened to stumble across the little big of elastic decorated in fabric...yes the Scrunchie? So will we go back to our days of old and start to wear these erm beauties again? Or shall we just pretend we didn't notice and move quickly over to the over side of the accessory rack? For me the days of wearing my hair scrapped back in a ponytail will never be repeated as this look defiantly does not suit someone with hardly any eyebrows! Sometimes things were not meant to be repeated!