Saturday, 22 May 2010

Back to Brighton!

So I'm back in Brighton this weekend for a serious detox after handing in my final project on Tuesday (will be posted soon) anyway I say detox but I actually mean partying hard and shopping...did you expect otherwise?
Anyway what have I been up to?
Well...I went to the Spindle Magazine launch party on Thursday night at Madame Geisha's which was pretty exciting as its a new Brighton based magazine. Also my friend Lydia who is a make-up artist did the make-up for the catwalk show, so a big well done to her!
Anyway despite being very tipsy we had a good night, I especially enjoyed my friend Scott's enthusiasm as he was 'Adored by all' in his tiger jacket!

We also spent a good few hours in Snoopers collecting, yes I am already planning my next project in five months time! Hoping to get some great inspiration this summer including trips and building up a portfolio! Wish me luck x

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