Monday, 28 December 2009

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance

I first saw this range of perfume by Gwen Stefani earlier this year whilst in New York and yes I have to say I fell in Love with the Harajuku bottles before I had even smelt the perfume! However, all five are equally cute and equally sweet both in design and smell. My friend Claire has now bought me my own little bottle of G for Christmas, I was defiantly torn between G and Baby but ended up with a miniature Gwen as she looked most like me! A huge thumbs up for smelling of coconuts and holidays all year round!

I ♥ my coat!

Stolen from my mum who found it in a charity shop for a mere £10 this coat now is being worn again by me! And I absolutely love it!!! Hopefully I can find someone to alter it soon as its set to be cold again and I will need its thickness!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Get your Faux Fur on!

Fur Hat Asos, Fur Scarf Topshop, Earr Muffs Accessorize, Waistcoat Miss Selfridges, Fur Coat Topshop, Fur Gloves Asos, PomPom Slippers Dorothy Perkins.

Where the Wild Things Are!

Having grown up with the book in pride of place in every children's library, I was so excited when I found out it was being made into a film. If you haven't seen it yet go see it! Heres the trailer...Loving the music by Arcde Fire!

The film really does inspire you to act crazy and run around the woods shouting and throwing mud...well maybe?
Anyway it inspired Stylist Karen Langley and Photographer Daniel Jackson to put together this photo-shoot for Dazed and Confused magazine.
New Years resolution - to own a Where the Wild Things Are Max's outfit! May we convince everyone that this is the new fashion forward thing to wear...

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dover Street Market vs Anthropologie

As a Fashion Student we are often recommended places to visit. Quite often we can't go hence the word Student being involved and our lack of money (yes a return ticket to London is £46!) However this week we drove up to London (£7 return) to visit these little fashion wonders of the world. Here's my review and comparison on both stores.

Dover Street Market

Our first visit was to Dover Street Market. I don't know what I was expecting (maybe an indoor market of fashion extravagance?) I did however go in with an open mind ready to expect anything, well it is the fashion world after all! However I left with a very closed mind and a distainful look upon my face!

If you previously read my Not a Brand Girl post you will probably have some kind of idea what your expecting, however the difference between the expensive designer stores is that they are expensivly put together and displayed! We can usually tell that this is going to be expensive by the thickness of the carpet, the expensive lighting and the snooty assistants.

In relation to this Dover Street Market had only transferred a few of these 'assets'...the expensive clothing and the snooty assistants.
Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix concrete with badly laid out sheds and industrial railings, then throw in some vintage chairs and tables whilst adding some roadkill in boxes, honestly! I think elements of Dover Street Market would have worked if it wasn't so jumbled together (not in a good way) it also wasn't improved by the unhelpful staff that followed you around looking at you like you were a piece of dirt of their shoes and honestly one floor did smell of cat piss... my favourite part of the store was the tacky velvet changing room where I could hide and then leaving. All I can conclude is that Dover Street Market made me very angry and want to run away!


Step into Anthropologie. This store could not be more different in comparison to Dover Street Market! Only recently opened this year it appears as though it has always been and always will be here, how else would they have a living wall that stretches over three floors? Its the type of shop that made me want to buy a fish dish when I don't even cook fish! So take note Dover Street Market if you want your customers to get stupidly excited over fish dishes and expensive bubble bath you should build a huge plant wall, install a giant fish/whale, mix old and new in an exciting way and be friendly! I want to go back to explore and maybe buy the fish dish for someone who actually likes to cook fish!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Show Studio

On Thursday I took a trip up to London to experience Nick Knights Show Studio exhibition! Now if your seeing the words exhibition do not be fooled into thinking a dreary white washed room with framed photographs, this is the most interactive exhibition I have ever experienced! If you want to draw on a naked Naomi then this is the place to be!

What I reluctantly love is that the exhibition is also available online so without even being there you can experience and be a part of, however I say reluctantly for a reason...
The reason being, that I happened to video myself in a casting room and instead of answering the questions normally I had to make a fool of myself. Starting out with mishearing the word height for hide...good start there. If you want to see me embarrass myself watch the video here, yes it was instantly uploaded to the website for the whole world to see, thankyou Nick!

Anyway despite this I really enjoyed the live studio where you could watch Nick Knight in action photographing famous names through one way glass! On Thursday I saw Roksanda Ilincic who looked stunning! You can also watch the studio live online here! I just watched Lady Gaga so some proper posing.

I also loved the musical photo that made music when you moved the mouse across the screen, see the video below.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Blog Job - Chica Chic Handbags

I've recently joined the Brighton Collective Blogging team writing about:
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Jewellery
  • Bags
  • Style
  • Art
  • Crafts
in the Brighton and surrounding area. Here's my first article for the team:

Chica Chic Handbags - The bag with a conscience
Photography by Andy Deighton ( Modelled by Katie Roberts

This bag is not only a fashion statement but is also a survival guide for the busy young women of today. Released only this year, this bag is made with a difference.

Based on the Sussex coast, the husband and wife team have recently embarked on a bag that doesn’t only bring out the practical factor but also awareness in young women.

With its clever cord design, the Chica Chic handbag turns your everyday essential bag into a small version to carry you through the night! However, this bag also has a few more secrets.

The concept for the Chica Chic handbag began with an ingenious idea by Keith Murphy (the director) whilst reading an article about the rise in STI’s with young people. He wanted to produce something that would encourage safe sex whilst being practical. Teaming up with wife Cathy (who has experience within the fashion trade) they began to design the Chica Chic bag that would hold the everyday essentials, including secret pockets for the ever important condoms.

Partnering up with Fusion Condoms the aim of the bag is to promote safe sex. As well as providing condoms (which can be reordered and sent discreetly) the bag also has seven inner pockets for deodorant, toothbrush and paste, panty towel and tampons.

It may sound like a first aid kit but this bag is oozing style towards the streetwise young woman. Designed in a patchwork patent style this bag embraces the current quilted trend. It is also available in four colours, Winter mix – Purple/Green/Red, Spring mix – Pink/white/lime green, Summer mix – multi coloured patch and my favourite Chic mix – black patent.

As well as being fashionable and practical the Chica Chic Handbag is also ethically made using faux leather which is biodegradable in 10 years time.

Thinking this bag is too good to be true? Well in this financial climate you won’t be breaking the bank statement to get one! Priced at only £45 this bag seriously has it all! Be safe carry a condom, carry a Chica Chic Handbag!

Available at

The Brighton Collective

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hello December!

I still get stupidly giddy when it comes to Christmas! First viewing of the Christmas Coca Cola advert with the trucks gets me super excited!
So now that its the 1st of December I can eat my number 1 door chocolate out of my Advent Calender (High School Musical provided by my loving grandmother who thinks its grown up!) and I can put up my Christmas tree.
This year I bought a wooden one from Paperchase for £6, what a bargain and it looks so cute! Yay to Christmas nearly being here! Only 24 doors left!

Back and Forth

Having handed in two projects at the same time meant that I've had just under two weeks off. So what have I been up to and where have I been? I've been to Bournemouth, Brighton and London!

Here are some of my finds and my favourite places.

La Belle

Snoopers Paradise

Camden Markets Rokit Vintage shop (Above picture of old patchwork quilts found in Camden for a mere £25!)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Katie does Beauty!

Having worked with Katie from the very beginning (Romantic Soul Photoshoot) I can't help but be astounded by her success since! This girl is going up and up!
I previously posted about her just after she had done Brighton Fashion week and her modeling career had really taken off (Katharine Roberts Post). Since then she has done a range of photoshoots including a Live Fashion Event for The 2009 Salon International Show.

Now she has proved how she can also do beauty! And yes I think we can all agree that she does it beautifully and enviably. I think Katie is a prime example of natural modeling, what a talent! I can only wish the best for her and that she continues to create such breathtaking photos that we can all enjoy!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Katy Perrys Panda Beanie

This week Katy Perry was seen stepping out of boyfriend (Russell Brand's) bachelor London pad wearing a panda beanie, which I previously featured in my Winter Warmer post! Nice to see that even the A-list are taking my tips on how to keep warm this season (at this stage however, I can fairly say it was a fashionable coincidence/prediction) but remember you saw it here first!

I have to mention though, that I am loving the very stylish outfit Katy teamed it with. It gives just the right amount of style to stop the hat looking utterly ridiculous! Yes this girl has made a panda hat look stylish! We congratulate you and rush to the shops to team our hats with knee highs and leather!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Topshop Podcast - Behind the scenes at the Christmas shoot

Oh the glamorous life of a Topshop model! To be dressed in amazing clothes, hair and make-up done to perfection...ok maybe not so glamorous considering your being pinched and prodded about but they look look stunning! I always think its amazing how Topshop sums up how to be cool, fashionable and enviable, don't we all want to be these girls? Now that's clever branding!

Winter Kate

Ok so I admit I have quite a bit of a Nicole Richie Style crush! What with her easy summer hippie look who wouldn't buy into it?
So now with the recent photographs taken for the Winter Kate (named after her daughter Harlow's two middle names) Spring/Summer collection we can now see some of the pieces that Nicole has in store for us! And I am not disappointed! The mixture of vintage inspired prints, silk, chiffon and the thrown in grunge leather jacket has defiantly made my day!

Little Girl & Boy Lost

I always think its incredible when magazines (particularly Vogue) do photo shoots that are inspired by old fashioned fairy tales. This spread proves my point on how fashion can do something magical when it comes to re-creating well loved children's tales.
Little Girl & Boy Lost is a re-take on Hansel & Gretel, cleverly mixed with aspects from the story, including ingenious set design and styling equals an Annie Leibovitz and Grace Coddington special! Also Lady GaGa adds a touch of spice being the witch...all I can think is how appropriate?

The complete story appears in the December 2009 issue of Vogue.

Winter Warmers!

To keep our spirits up I thought I would share some winter warmers to keep us cosy! Just remember to stock up on the hot chocolate!

Pink Lace Bow Mittens Miss Selfridge, Bear Hat River Island, Rose PJ's New Look, Knitted Socks Accessorize, Doll Hot Water Bottle Topshop, Dark Cherry Mocha Starbucks, Cashmere Dress Warehouse, Ear Muffs Accessorize, Plum Slippers Dorothy Perkins.

Winters Nearly here...

Walking past this tree the other day to uni really told me that winter is nearly here! Not that I needed to tell you considering the wet cold weather outside! I can't believe how quickly it has come across upon us!

Where have I been?

Hello my lovelies! I apologise for the lack of blogging recently, it has been a very intense five weeks what with two very time consuming projects. However that is all behind me now (hopefully) and I can continue with what I do best...blogging about anything that takes my interest! For any of you that are curious to what I've been doing throughout these's a brief description on what I've been up to! Yes when they said 2nd year was to be harder they really weren't lying!

River Island Rocks Project

One of my projects was to create an event for the River Island Rocks competition! After being put into groups of four we were to set up a proposal for a fashion event to promote River Island to students in the area and gain publicity. With a £1000 budget we had to take every cost into consideration including venues, promotion and hiring! Tough job but with a £1000 prize to the winning team its defiantly one of the most rewarding projects...that's if your idea beats the 15 other groups in my course and then the other four universities who are also applying...yeah pretty slim chance! Also perhaps after our disastrous presentation with soo many technical problems me and my group should perhaps bury our heads in the sand and hide instead? However despite this I would love our event to win and that's not only because of the cash...I'm generally impressed with what we have put together, if it wasn't for my lovely group I don't think it would have worked out! If you want to take a look at the blog I created for the event visit my visual diary blog!

Also here's our trailer...

Technical Processes Trend Book

And the other project I've been doing? Well we had to create a trend book using technical samples we had done in class and combine them with illustrator! Yes I have developed a huge hate for illustrator...never before have I felt such a strong urge to smash my computer into tiny minute pieces... Anyway despite the programmes difficulties I did overcome this and have created a 13 page trend book. Here's one of my pages as an example of my work.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Make Do & Mend!

So it's been a bit late and I've left it till the very last minuet to blog about this spread but I think its one that needs to be talked about...

Seeing Vogue as just a pretty picture book with expensive clothing and envious models (honestly I do try and read it) I was very surprised to see that the recession is even affecting our fashion highness!

This months Make Do and Mend photo shoot proves this point. They have cleverly used everyday household items and made outfits that are actually quite stunning...ok Mr Tim Walker and his clever camera skills may have had a helping hand, but these clothes are amazing. I never thought that I would be saying that wearing a bin liner is a good look but you have to agree this is defiantly D.I.Y at its best!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Visual Merchandising at Loot!

Throughout the summer I worked at Jack Wills and a children's stall in Brighton Lanes. I also helped out at Loot, a men's clothes shop adjoined to the stall. Loot was opened in January this year so the shop was still new and still needed to gain an image to entice new customers in. Having experience within retail and hence studying fashion, the manager of Loot was interested in my ideas to give the shop an 'image'. Because the shop sold men’s clothing, particularly focusing on the ‘new mod’ look which is popular in Brighton (Harrington Jackets, Monkee Genes and Relco shirts, being some of the brands he sells) we decided to go for a school theme, creating an image that our target audience could relate and buy into.

We made displays using old bookcases, desks and benches. We also managed to find an original school blazer and satchel which we put in the window. Mixing old photographs found in flea markets and old textbooks gave the shop a great school theme and made a lot of customers want to stay longer to look around the shop. Hopefully I can put some photographs of the shop and how it is coming along later when I’m back at Christmas!

Photograph curtesy of my brother and his friends.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Monkee Genes

I've always been a bit of a Topshop girl when it comes to jeans, always sticking to the same size and style just changing colour to match season.

However, it was when my little brother of 16 bought a pair of Monkee Genes (from Loot where I work in Brighton Lanes, don't forget the 25% discount there!) that I actually discovered how amazing these jeans are! All throughout the summer that I worked there I never once tried on these beauties and I was kicking myself in my new black jeans from Topshop (the pair that are now claiming dust in the depths of my wardrobe!) I had to have a pair! Not just for my sake but also for my brothers because to be fair who would want their elder 21 year old sister stealing his jeans? Not much of a street cred for him there!

I am now happily sitting in my jeans and 'oh my' these jeans are amazing! They mould themselves to your legs whilst flattering your thighs (in my case this is a very big thumbs up!)

So if you want a great investment this autumn/winter (infact all year round) then I urge you towards Monkee Genes!