Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Blog Job - Chica Chic Handbags

I've recently joined the Brighton Collective Blogging team writing about:
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Jewellery
  • Bags
  • Style
  • Art
  • Crafts
in the Brighton and surrounding area. Here's my first article for the team:

Chica Chic Handbags - The bag with a conscience
Photography by Andy Deighton ( Modelled by Katie Roberts

This bag is not only a fashion statement but is also a survival guide for the busy young women of today. Released only this year, this bag is made with a difference.

Based on the Sussex coast, the husband and wife team have recently embarked on a bag that doesn’t only bring out the practical factor but also awareness in young women.

With its clever cord design, the Chica Chic handbag turns your everyday essential bag into a small version to carry you through the night! However, this bag also has a few more secrets.

The concept for the Chica Chic handbag began with an ingenious idea by Keith Murphy (the director) whilst reading an article about the rise in STI’s with young people. He wanted to produce something that would encourage safe sex whilst being practical. Teaming up with wife Cathy (who has experience within the fashion trade) they began to design the Chica Chic bag that would hold the everyday essentials, including secret pockets for the ever important condoms.

Partnering up with Fusion Condoms the aim of the bag is to promote safe sex. As well as providing condoms (which can be reordered and sent discreetly) the bag also has seven inner pockets for deodorant, toothbrush and paste, panty towel and tampons.

It may sound like a first aid kit but this bag is oozing style towards the streetwise young woman. Designed in a patchwork patent style this bag embraces the current quilted trend. It is also available in four colours, Winter mix – Purple/Green/Red, Spring mix – Pink/white/lime green, Summer mix – multi coloured patch and my favourite Chic mix – black patent.

As well as being fashionable and practical the Chica Chic Handbag is also ethically made using faux leather which is biodegradable in 10 years time.

Thinking this bag is too good to be true? Well in this financial climate you won’t be breaking the bank statement to get one! Priced at only £45 this bag seriously has it all! Be safe carry a condom, carry a Chica Chic Handbag!

Available at

The Brighton Collective

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