Sunday, 16 August 2009

Katharine Roberts

Model Katharine Roberts
Photographer Paul Beket and G Gautier

Since the photo-shoot that Katie previously did for me for my Romantic Soul project in April, she has defiantly come a long way!
After sending the photographs from the shoot we did together she was quickly picked up by the Brighton Fashion Week 2009 to grace the catwalk of The Brighton Frocks Theatrical Catwalk Show. From there she has only gone upwards.
These photographs that she has recently done, proves how versatile her look is. What I love about Katie is that she is a lovely person to work with, happy to pose and give her own ideas whilst keeping it professional when getting attention from an audience.
One story I loved hearing about was this recent photo-shoot done in London, tourists were taking photographs of her and she gathered a crowd who were exclaiming in excitement about seeing a real model in action! She then went into the shop and got changed and when she came back outside nobody recognised her because she was no longer 'the acting model'.
Her Model Mayhem page has many comments from people she has worked with constantly complimenting her on what a pleasure she is to work with! Congratulations Katie :)

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