Monday, 3 August 2009

Jack Will's Uniform and first days.

One of the things I had not guaranteed on buying so soon was my uniform for Jack Wills. Although we get 75% off it was a bit of a shock being told that we needed to buy our uniform after our trial. However, they let me come back later and I'm glad as I needed the support of my mum helping me to choose an outfit and her loaning money.
The rules were very strict, we had to stick to the handbook and choose an outfit that had been styled (in a very strange way) to the exact colours and style (luckily we don't have to wear the outer garments!). This proved very difficult as many of the sizing was completely out, the top size might have said an eight but it was more like a twelve and the jeans might have said a size ten but were more like a six. I would have loved to buy one of their ditsy dresses but unsurprisingly all the best outfits had gone. I chose this plain white top (they say dress) and begged to wear shorts underneath as it is so short, so I've been allowed these very tiny pair of shorts...cellulite be warned!

So I started my first shift yesterday! I was very nervous as didn't know what to expect and was very self-conscious wearing my tiny dress(top!) and shorts, thankfully they let me wear my leggings! The shifts are only four hours a day, something I am very pleased about as the work was very boring and tedious. I worked yesterday 11-3:00 and today 8-12:00 and everyone seems very friendly. The reason I am finding it tedious already, is because of the constant refolding of clothes. Today I had to replen a shirt aisle which had 5x5 style of shirts hanging and 60 shirts folded above. Each shirt hanging had to be buttoned up to the neckline and the left sleeve had to be folded up in a special way. Then the folded shirts above, had to be removed from their packages (unfolded, paper and card taken out including pins and plastic button protectors) then they had to be refolded exactly the same way as the other shirts with the Jack Wills logo visible, whilst doing this many people would grab the pile you had just done so you would have to re-do see where I'm going with this?
Anyway, despite this everyone seems pretty friendly and hopefully I will get the hang of it soon enough I will be able to fold in my sleep! Oh well its only a six week contract!

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