Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dover Street Market vs Anthropologie

As a Fashion Student we are often recommended places to visit. Quite often we can't go hence the word Student being involved and our lack of money (yes a return ticket to London is £46!) However this week we drove up to London (£7 return) to visit these little fashion wonders of the world. Here's my review and comparison on both stores.

Dover Street Market

Our first visit was to Dover Street Market. I don't know what I was expecting (maybe an indoor market of fashion extravagance?) I did however go in with an open mind ready to expect anything, well it is the fashion world after all! However I left with a very closed mind and a distainful look upon my face!

If you previously read my Not a Brand Girl post you will probably have some kind of idea what your expecting, however the difference between the expensive designer stores is that they are expensivly put together and displayed! We can usually tell that this is going to be expensive by the thickness of the carpet, the expensive lighting and the snooty assistants.

In relation to this Dover Street Market had only transferred a few of these 'assets'...the expensive clothing and the snooty assistants.
Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix concrete with badly laid out sheds and industrial railings, then throw in some vintage chairs and tables whilst adding some roadkill in boxes, honestly! I think elements of Dover Street Market would have worked if it wasn't so jumbled together (not in a good way) it also wasn't improved by the unhelpful staff that followed you around looking at you like you were a piece of dirt of their shoes and honestly one floor did smell of cat piss... my favourite part of the store was the tacky velvet changing room where I could hide and then leaving. All I can conclude is that Dover Street Market made me very angry and want to run away!


Step into Anthropologie. This store could not be more different in comparison to Dover Street Market! Only recently opened this year it appears as though it has always been and always will be here, how else would they have a living wall that stretches over three floors? Its the type of shop that made me want to buy a fish dish when I don't even cook fish! So take note Dover Street Market if you want your customers to get stupidly excited over fish dishes and expensive bubble bath you should build a huge plant wall, install a giant fish/whale, mix old and new in an exciting way and be friendly! I want to go back to explore and maybe buy the fish dish for someone who actually likes to cook fish!

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