Sunday, 6 December 2009

Show Studio

On Thursday I took a trip up to London to experience Nick Knights Show Studio exhibition! Now if your seeing the words exhibition do not be fooled into thinking a dreary white washed room with framed photographs, this is the most interactive exhibition I have ever experienced! If you want to draw on a naked Naomi then this is the place to be!

What I reluctantly love is that the exhibition is also available online so without even being there you can experience and be a part of, however I say reluctantly for a reason...
The reason being, that I happened to video myself in a casting room and instead of answering the questions normally I had to make a fool of myself. Starting out with mishearing the word height for hide...good start there. If you want to see me embarrass myself watch the video here, yes it was instantly uploaded to the website for the whole world to see, thankyou Nick!

Anyway despite this I really enjoyed the live studio where you could watch Nick Knight in action photographing famous names through one way glass! On Thursday I saw Roksanda Ilincic who looked stunning! You can also watch the studio live online here! I just watched Lady Gaga so some proper posing.

I also loved the musical photo that made music when you moved the mouse across the screen, see the video below.

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