Friday, 2 October 2009

Monkee Genes

I've always been a bit of a Topshop girl when it comes to jeans, always sticking to the same size and style just changing colour to match season.

However, it was when my little brother of 16 bought a pair of Monkee Genes (from Loot where I work in Brighton Lanes, don't forget the 25% discount there!) that I actually discovered how amazing these jeans are! All throughout the summer that I worked there I never once tried on these beauties and I was kicking myself in my new black jeans from Topshop (the pair that are now claiming dust in the depths of my wardrobe!) I had to have a pair! Not just for my sake but also for my brothers because to be fair who would want their elder 21 year old sister stealing his jeans? Not much of a street cred for him there!

I am now happily sitting in my jeans and 'oh my' these jeans are amazing! They mould themselves to your legs whilst flattering your thighs (in my case this is a very big thumbs up!)

So if you want a great investment this autumn/winter (infact all year round) then I urge you towards Monkee Genes!

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