Sunday, 11 October 2009

Visual Merchandising at Loot!

Throughout the summer I worked at Jack Wills and a children's stall in Brighton Lanes. I also helped out at Loot, a men's clothes shop adjoined to the stall. Loot was opened in January this year so the shop was still new and still needed to gain an image to entice new customers in. Having experience within retail and hence studying fashion, the manager of Loot was interested in my ideas to give the shop an 'image'. Because the shop sold men’s clothing, particularly focusing on the ‘new mod’ look which is popular in Brighton (Harrington Jackets, Monkee Genes and Relco shirts, being some of the brands he sells) we decided to go for a school theme, creating an image that our target audience could relate and buy into.

We made displays using old bookcases, desks and benches. We also managed to find an original school blazer and satchel which we put in the window. Mixing old photographs found in flea markets and old textbooks gave the shop a great school theme and made a lot of customers want to stay longer to look around the shop. Hopefully I can put some photographs of the shop and how it is coming along later when I’m back at Christmas!

Photograph curtesy of my brother and his friends.

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