Friday, 13 November 2009

Where have I been?

Hello my lovelies! I apologise for the lack of blogging recently, it has been a very intense five weeks what with two very time consuming projects. However that is all behind me now (hopefully) and I can continue with what I do best...blogging about anything that takes my interest! For any of you that are curious to what I've been doing throughout these's a brief description on what I've been up to! Yes when they said 2nd year was to be harder they really weren't lying!

River Island Rocks Project

One of my projects was to create an event for the River Island Rocks competition! After being put into groups of four we were to set up a proposal for a fashion event to promote River Island to students in the area and gain publicity. With a £1000 budget we had to take every cost into consideration including venues, promotion and hiring! Tough job but with a £1000 prize to the winning team its defiantly one of the most rewarding projects...that's if your idea beats the 15 other groups in my course and then the other four universities who are also applying...yeah pretty slim chance! Also perhaps after our disastrous presentation with soo many technical problems me and my group should perhaps bury our heads in the sand and hide instead? However despite this I would love our event to win and that's not only because of the cash...I'm generally impressed with what we have put together, if it wasn't for my lovely group I don't think it would have worked out! If you want to take a look at the blog I created for the event visit my visual diary blog!

Also here's our trailer...

Technical Processes Trend Book

And the other project I've been doing? Well we had to create a trend book using technical samples we had done in class and combine them with illustrator! Yes I have developed a huge hate for illustrator...never before have I felt such a strong urge to smash my computer into tiny minute pieces... Anyway despite the programmes difficulties I did overcome this and have created a 13 page trend book. Here's one of my pages as an example of my work.

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