Monday, 20 July 2009

I got the Job!

Ok so I haven't mentioned that I went for an interview last Friday. The reason being that I thought it very unlikely that I would get it. However I got the confirming phone call this morning and as from this Wednesday I will be a
Jack Wills employee.

After the very scary interview where about 20 of us
(yes 20!) had to sell three garments in pairs (I had to sell a candle, shampoo and leggings) to the group and play a game involving a very big pair of knickers, I felt my chances to work for Jack Wills very slim but I pulled through and got it!

The contract will be for 6 weeks which is ideal as I am heading back to sunny Bournemouth at the end of September to start my 2nd year!
For those of you who do not know of Jack Wills here is some information:

Jack Wills was established in 1998 in Salcombe, Devon. Their target audience is between 18 and 22 aiming at the 'student' age. The Jack Will's Brand is particulary preppy, focusing on sports style including polo, rugby and rowing. Their brand is typically British and inspired by traditional British Heritage. The Company has a policy that they do not have too many stores and do not have stores in shopping malls, the reason being that they want to be exclusive.
Jack Wills is therefore promoted through word of mouth which includes events and tours. They also brand alot of their clothing to make it reconsiable as the Jack Wills signature. Jack Will's is about having fun and living the student life!

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