Monday, 20 July 2009

New H&M in Brighton!

Its been a month since the launch of the new H&M store which opened on the 25th of June.

I have finally given in and gone for a visit
(without purse in hand).
I was not disappointed, three floors of Women’s, Men's and Children's wear including maternity, underwear and accessories. It was my little bit of heaven.
What was great about the store was that it was split into smaller sections which gave the feeling of exploring smaller caves within one great big cavern. Yes I did get lost, but who can complain when you are surrounded by beautiful pieces of clothing at very affordable prices. I literally danced across from one garment to the next. It was only when my brother grabbed me by the cuff of my coat and dragged me out the store that I was brought back to reality. Yes I have no money and still a way long way from getting out of my overdraft I know I won't be able to afford anything yet, but that won't prevent me from entering those shiny new doors for very long.

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