Thursday, 4 February 2010

Developing Practice Project

So I've been pretty quiet on here recently. Thats because I have been working so hard on my last project. The project was about realising what we enjoy doing, developing skills and evaluating our own philosophy and what makes our work our own. My project was Entomology and Ornithology - A Insect and Bird study. The reason I studied them however, is not because I like them but the opposite...they both seem quite scary to me! I felt it would be interesting to study something that I have not had a lot of interest in before and have usually avoided.
For this project I decided to do a blog and a sketchbook as well as a final photoshoot and film promo, a lot of work but I'm pleased I pushed myself as I know I put my all into the development and final outcome.
The 13 photographs above are my final edited photos showing 7 pictures of the Bird styling and 6 pictures of the Insect styling.
Below is my film promo. If you want to have a look at my blog for this project go to this link - Entomology and Ornithology.

Many thanks to my huge team
Photographer - Emily Passmore.
Film and editing - Alex Gardiner & James Lewis.
Model's - Lizzy Perry & Tora Uppstrøm Berg
Make-up - Sarah Harrison.
Photography Assistants - Sophie Mullins and Elise Price.
Naomi Farmer - Styling Assistant

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