Friday, 5 February 2010

Hearts for Valentines

Heart Embroidered Cardigan Miss Selfridge, Heart Shape Glasses Asos, Heart Knickers Topshop, Heart Print Cut-out Dress New Look, Heart Print Tights Dorothy Perkins, Heart Earrings Accessorize, Heart Shoes Vivienne Westwood.

I'm not a big fan on Valentines day as I see it as a commercial way to make money. It makes single people unhappy and forces couples to spend ridiculous amounts of money on each other. I think if you love someone it should be on a day special to you both, not a day when everyone else is doing it! Where's the individuality to that relationship? Anyway despite this I do love all the heart prints and shapes that come out this time of year, so if you don't celebrate it but want something are my top of the hearts for Valentines.

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