Sunday, 18 July 2010

My up's and down's imagery!

Hello my fellow blogging fans, I am so sorry for the lack of post's recently! All I can say is that my life has had a lot of changes during the past month...and what a crazy one its been!
I ended my 2nd year with a high 2.1 which I'm very pleased about as 25% of it goes towards my final graduating grade!
I also ended my 2 and half year relationship with my boyfriend. Sometimes things need to end. Unfortunately that left me living out of boxes back at the parents house and hence no time for blogging.
However, after a week of self destruction...nights out of heavy partying which left me seeing sunrise pretty much every day, I am defiantly back to my old self! Sometimes a week of selfish attitude can do wonders for that guilty feeling...break ups are not easy pie especially when your the one doing the breaking up!
Anyway I usually don't post my dirty laundry up on here but this time I felt it needed to be blogged about as my collection of imagery from the past month has defiantly left some impact. I see a future project coming on...enjoy!

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  1. Very nicely said my dear, glad Vicky is back! :) xx