Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dressing for Graduate Fashion Week

This week I went up to London for the Graduate Fashion Week where my university (The Art University College of Bournemouth) was showing.
I assigned myself up to help out the 3rd years by dressing backstage. My model Aine was lovely which was really fortunate as sometimes you can end up with a model that just stands there, thankfully she was really friendly and chatty!
This was the first time I've dressed for GFW and I loved it! Despite some of my designers outfits being complicated I managed to get my model dressed in the 3 minute time change from each outfit. My best description of the experience was the feeling you get whilst waiting for a roller coaster, being on the roller coaster and the adrenaline afterwards, it was so exciting!
If I fail at styling this would defiantly be my next choice of job, I loved it!
Here's the photographs from the actual catwalk (that I didn't see, hence being backstage!)
Well done to all the 3rd years, can't wait for our turn next year!

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