Saturday, 11 December 2010

Welcome to 3rd Year! Behind the Scenes Video

Like what always happens when I go back to uni...I become very quiet on my blog. This is because all of my spare time is taken up doing my sketchbook and actual project if I'm not trying to get some sleep. My first project for 3rd year (Major Project Preparation) is no exception to this. But finally I have handed it in and had my presentation, which I think went ok despite the sleepy look on my tutors face, which gives me time to update you all on what I've been doing.

Well like I said, it has mainly been doing my MPP project but I have done some smaller photo-shoots alongside which I will share later!

I can't really give to much out about what I did for my MPP due to my photographs being submitted, but I can show you the video that Alex Gardiner shot for me of the behind the scenes from the shoot.
It was in Stanmer Woods (yes my favourite place) with photographers Lotte Simons and Luke Matthews, make-up artist Lyida Pankhurst and models Lottie Williams, Dan Jones and Lucas st James.
I hope you like it!

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