Sunday, 3 October 2010

Behind the scence at the Aviator Shoot

It was a while ago now, that me and Naomi did the Aviator shoot but here are the behind the scenes photographs from that day.

We were picked up by the photographer at 10am and after a struggle with packing the car (she had a Ford Ka, which proved very difficult trying to fit mine and Naomi's suitcases).
The shoot took place at Shoreham Airport which is on the outskirts of Brighton and is the oldest airport in Britain.
We were met there by make-up arist Zoe Tatum-Rooney and model Chloe.
We were really fortunate in the fact that we were able to use one of the board rooms to set up our kit. This meant we could spread each outfit out across the tables and still have room for make-up and dressing.
Me and Naomi put together two looks each and one joint.
This outfit was put together by Naomi with the goggles being borrowed from a uni friend.
This look was also put together by Naomi who managed to source the boots for only £4 from a charity shop!
I put this look together. A few days before my friend said that he had an original pilots jacket and hat (the hat is shown in the photograph below). The jacket I borrowed form a boutique in Brighton and the goggles I found in an army surplus store (they are actually Russian Tank Goggles but I felt they did look the part).
This is the original Pilot jacket which I borrowed from my friend, modelled by the lovely Naomi.
Whilst we were doing this look the white shirt got an oil stain on it which I was really worried about. However, after reading my mum's old 1930's housewife book I managed to pick up an old household tip for remaining oil stains!
Tip to remove Oil Stains:
Cover stain in Lard.
Wash out with cold water.
Then wash with soap and warm water.
This may need to be repeated.
This was another look of mine. For my looks I wanted one quite traditional and one which is very current on the catwalks and high-street.
This was the last look we put together jointly, we used the original Pilot Jacket and then the boots that Naomi picked up from the charity shop.

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