Sunday, 3 October 2010

Behind the scenes at the Country Living Shoot

Here are the behind the scenes at the country shoot. The house was owned by the photographer's friend which was rented by silent monks. We were really fortunate as we were able to use the house to set up our kit which we also arranged in outfits like the previous shoot. Overall we did seven outfits, three each then one put together.
This was the first look put together by me, I wanted to create a look which looked fairly smart but durable for the country.
This look was put together by Naomi, a lot of her finds were from charity shops which she then customised.
This was my favourite look that I put together. I was really inspired by Noa Noa look books which is where the dress is from. I wanted to put together a look which was soft but had a durable toughness to it that would take it into the country.
This look is also by me. I wanted to mix up fabrics and print in this whilst still keeping it together with the colour palate. I mixed a tartan skirt with a striped jumper and an oversized cardigan which was then brought together with the knee-high rugby socks.
This dress was found by Naomi which was lent to her from a school theatre store.
This look was also put together by Naomi, we nicknamed it the Miss Marple look from the TV series.
This is the first shoot that I have worked on where lights have been used (not within a studio) This defiantly benefited the photographer as the room was very dark, it was also interesting to see new equipment being used.

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