Sunday, 10 July 2011

Beach Shoot for Dandy-Lion Magazine

I was asked alongside Naomi Farmer to style for Aisha's new magazine. The theme was beach in the Autumn time so we wanted to show how a style which is usually shown for summer could be translated to a colder time of year.
The idea behind this was to show summer dresses being worn with thick warm jumpers and socks. These photographs were taken by me during the shoot on my phone.
I have previously worked with Naomi and we find that quite often we will bring elements that work well together, for example the socks here.
The clothing was borrowed from a vintage boutique based in Bournemouth.
These behind the scenes photographs were taken by the photographer, Phoebe, throughout the day (which is why they are better quality). One thing Phoebe tries to do whenever she has a shoot is to take a group shot. Below is the team, from the left: Aisha (Director), Naomi and myself (stylists), Nikita (model), Phoebe (photographer), Charlotte and Jade (make-up and hair) and finally Larissa (photographers assistant).
These are the final edited photographs from Phoebe, I am so pleased with the outcome. I think they defiantly have the right balance of Autumn feel on the beach.
This is the final layout for Aisha's magazine layout. The magazine is called Dandy Lion and is a unique collectable magazine.

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