Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tribal shoot

Earlier this year photographer Anna Michell, asked me to help her put together the looks for her 3rd year photography work. The original concept was based on the Rana Tharu people and the idea of living as a tribe as an independent community.
Although she wanted to base the styling on this, she also wanted me to put my own twist to it.

Because of all the drapery experiments I have recently been doing I suggested this as a way to easily create some of the clothing which would otherwise be quite difficult to find on the high-street.
Anna was really enthusiastic about this idea and readily gave me more inspirational imagery of the type of drapery that she liked.
Jewellery was something she really wanted to use, so I put together a mood board of high street finds which she edited to show me what pieces she liked.
As well as using bought jewellery we also collected hand made pieces which would give the clothes a more individual look. I found these disks which we made into a chocker.
These are some of the drapery experiments that Anna did with some of the materials. We chose to stick to burnt oranges and earthy colours.
These photographs are from the tester shoot. The shoot was taken at Winspit caves.
These are the final photographs. The idea of the shoot was a tribe of women. Each woman had a different role to play but they were mainly portraying strength.

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