Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bramber Castle Shoot

I recently asked Meg Cornwell, (a fellow fashion student who specialised in design) to see whether she would be interested in having some of her work 'professionally' photographed.
I've been planing a photo-shoot with make-up artist Lydia Pankhurst and Hanna Kristina for a few months and we wanted something which was different to the whimsical photographs we have previously done. I felt that Meg's collection had a futuristic dark feel which would work perfectly with the location and make-up ideas.
For the shoot we had two models, Megan Waters who I have previously worked with and Mel Kaya.
I also had Stephanie Blundell assisting on the shoot. These photographs are taken from her of the behind the scenes throughout the day.
For the shoot we played on the idea of twins, reflecting the outfits together. Although the models looked very different we still wanted to give the idea of sisters and similarity.
For the clothing I used pieces from Meg's collection but added other pieces like the lace to give a mismatched feel.
These are the final photographs from Hanna. I'm really pleased with the metallic futuristic the photographs give out. They are defiantly very different from anything I have previously done. It was also really refreshing using a designers collection as it was unique.

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