Sunday, 22 August 2010

Behind the scenes at the Cliff Shoot!

I had the Cliff Shoot this Thursday and I'm happy to say that the shoot went really well and the weather was defiantly in our favour!

The team was fairly small with photographer Bella Kotak, make-up artist Lydia Pankhurst (who I have worked with previously) and Megan Waters modelling.

We started mid morning at Bella's house where Lydia did the make-up whilst me and Bella went through the clothing. I am so pleased that we did this as I actually forgot my styling kit which would have been disastrous if I hadn't of checked. Luckily I live very near so was able to quickly pick it up. That's something I will hopefully never do again!

We then set off to Ovingdean, a small village on the outskirts of Brighton with beautiful rock pool beaches. I had checked the tide times so that we were there for the 12.55 low tide.

I haven't done a beach shoot before (crazy considering I live next to two beautiful beaches) and I was amazed at how much we had to use and the opportunities that were available to make some really fantastic imagery.

I had the idea for this shoot to really start playing around with fabric after just touching on it in last weeks Pony Shoot. I bought a body from Topshop which I then experimented by draping pieces of material over the top. This worked so well as we were able to change the position of the material when the wind and sea moved it. I also bought two maxi dresses shown above which I think really enhanced the natural surroundings of the location and added colour.
Overall I had a really fantastic day despite it being long and tiring. It was defiantly worth it and was great to work with such a lovely team of people. I hope you like my behind the scenes photographs (they were limited as the shoot was very involved so didn't have much time to take pictures). For more behind the scenes photographs visit Bella's blog.

I'm so pleased I found such a perfect opportunity to use the headpiece I bought from Glastonbury! I was determined to have it and I'm pleased I spent the £20 for well spent!
Final Edits up soon x

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