Saturday, 7 August 2010

Bird shoot for Battle Antiques

So it's taken it's time but I have finally put up the photographs from the continued Ornithology project from the original Entomology and Ornithology project that I did the beginning of this year. I decided to re-do the shoot as I wanted to work with make-up artist -Lydia Pankhurst and I also wanted to develop the project from Studio to Location.

We used a small beautiful antique shop in Brighton called Battle Antiques but unfortunately the owner changed the times so we were very limited on how long we could shoot for. We therefore did a selection of photographs in the ground's of Brighton Pavilion (sometimes you have to compromise)

The reason for the delay of the editing of the photographs was due to the fact that the photographer not getting them back to me in time and also the fact that once I received them I was very disheartened. I think this will go down as experience but I'm defiantly going to do test shoots for my next projects, whilst the photographer was very lovely she was also very new and didn't have any direction nor the knowledge of composition and lighting. Whilst we may have a few photo's I am pleased with it was a shame that the location and the set wasn't used to its best advantage!
Despite that I am pleased with a few that I can use for my portfolio!
I hope you like them!
Thanks to Lydia Pankhurst for the make-up and Katie Roberts for her beautiful face.

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