Sunday, 29 August 2010

Behind the scenes at the Vintage Boutique Shoot!

I was a styling assistant yesterday for boutique owner, Lydia Jones. The brief was to create three different looks under the titles A Modern Love Story, Go Wild in the Country and Modern Enchantment for her online boutique. So in overall we did three photo-shoots in one day.
I worked with the same team from the Cliff shoot. Bella Kotak photographing, Lydia Pankhurst doing the make-up and model Megan Waters and her friend Kelsey Birchmore.
The clothing was absolutely beautiful and it was so lovely working with such unique items.
I loved Lydia's studio, I aim to have something very similar one day!
I think this was one the most amusing endings to a shoot. Whilst taking the last few photographs for the bridal shoot an actual wedding party turned up to also use the same location. I love this photo of Megan as it actually looks like she is the bride!
Lydia really does do a fantastic job at the make-up comparing the two girls before they got their make-up done makes them look completely different. Megan told us that when Lydia did her make-up before for the Cliff shoot she managed to keep it on for a whole three days because she loved it so much.
It was only when we were packing up to go into the car that we actually realised there was too many of us...good thing models are tiny!
Overall we had a great day despite being very tired and cold towards the end. The shoot took a total of 12 hours but it was defiantly worth it! Final edits up soon!

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