Friday, 13 August 2010

Behind the scenes at the Pony Shoot!

Yesterday I styled for Lotte Simons for the pony shoot I recently blogged about. This was the first photo-shoot I have travelled to do and I was really nervous, however it went really well and it was actually really exciting travelling somewhere unknown to do a job.
Like usual I organised all of my clothing on a rail, I mainly collected long evening dresses made of silk and chiffon.
I started the day early as my train left Brighton at 7.32am and arrived at Sandling Station (Dover) 9.43 where Lotte picked me up from. We then drove to the location where the horses were based and were met by published model Cyan Cheung and her partner and make-up artist Lucy Parker.
The day started off with the model in make-up and also the ponies in make-up.
Once everyone was ready, I put the model in the shortest of the dresses first as it was a cold day and I wanted that dress out of the way before she got too cold.
The shoot took longer than usual as working with the ponies proved difficult as they obviously don't take direction well and at one point we did have Cyan being pulled across the field in high heels.
Despite this and the threatening rain we had a really enjoyable day and everyone got on really well. It was defiantly one of the most funniest photo-shoots I've been on!
The photographer had also brought along some Chiffon which added really well to the photographs although the ponies were a bit spooked by it. (I have a photo-shoot coming up next week which is based on the beach with a lot of material and maxi dresses so I feel really reassured how well the material shots came out!)
Another tip which I think is fantastic is that Cyan came with her dressing gown, this was so helpful as it kept her warm and cosy whilst changing and setting up etc, I will defiantly be investing in some dressing gowns for my models as I think it was a brilliant idea!
Anyway I hope you like the behind the scenes photos, and I shall be uploading the final edits soon!

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