Thursday, 2 September 2010

Behind the scenes at the Grunge, Fetish shoot!

I had the grunge, fetish shoot this Tuesday up in London and I'm very pleased with the results.
Me and Nay had previously put together the looks last week whilst we met up so we had everything ready or at least we thought so.
I went up to London on the Monday as I went to the Nottinghill festival so when Nay texted me on Monday to say that the photographer hadn't actually asked the models permission to do bra-less and they were refusing I had a mid panic, luckily I had packed enough spares to cover us.
I met Nay Tuesday morning at Charing Cross for our 9.04 train (me being just in time due to tube delays) and we went to Welling. We hadn't actually anticipated how far we had to go out of London as the photographer said it was central (it defiantly was not).
Anyway despite this we did manage to find the location which was the photographers friends house and it was beautiful. So large that we actually managed to lose each other with huge white walls that made an excellent backdrop, very FRONT magazine!
Whilst we were on the train there I mentioned to Nay that the make-up artist wasn't coming, for a strange reason I had a gut feeling and low and behold she didn't! Again luckily I had my make-up with me from staying over in London and we managed to put together the sort of look the photographer wanted.
Despite the mishaps and the lack of organisation I think we managed to pull the shoot off quite well. I'm really pleased with the styling as I think it fits the brief perfectly and will also give a different look to my portfolio.
Nay is amazing at props and making set pieces, she was really inspired by the Dazed and Confused male head piece and used this inspiration to make some ingenious head pieces out of toys for the boys the wear. I think this really pulled the whole look together and stopped the shoot from looking to sexy.
The models worked so well together, like in any shoot there is always awkwardness at first. Perhaps more so with this shoot considering the lack of clothing, but they all managed to quickly put this aside and have fun with the shoot. I think the props really helped to make this happen and it meant the photographs don't look too posed.
From this shoot I have defiantly learnt so much.
1st to always be prepared, this is the 2nd shoot where I have had to do make-up last minute so I think it may be a good advantage for me to take a part-time course in make-up or at least bring a small kit with me just in case.

2nd is to always be organised and have spares, sometimes things won't work out and I will need to change or a model may refuse to wear something or it doesn't fit etc.

3rd is now to only do photo-shoots if there will at least be some contribution to the travel and our work, for example we had travelled very far to do this shoot and we were only offered one cup of tea and no lunch, the travel cost a lot so has defiantly set me back in funds.
I think I will now do shoots paid unless I feel they will benefit my portfolio.

Anyway despite all this I am pleased with the whole look and can't wait to get the final edits back! Will be up soon for you all to see!

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