Sunday, 12 September 2010

Photographs from the Get crazy, Get loud shoot (previously known as Grunge,Fetish Shoot).

So I've finally got the photo's back from the photographer for the Get Crazy, Get Loud photo-shoot (previously known as the Grunge, Fetish shoot) Yes the name sounds much better than my previous one but honestly what do you call a shoot like this? The photo's did take they're time coming back to me as the photographer didn't realise she had to email them over...very strange considering she had already uploaded them on her facebook and model mayhem page, but anyway, at least I got them back and here they are...

Really pleased with the photographs! They are exactly as I imagined, fun, cheeky with a naughty edge! I could defiantly see them being in the likes of Front or Dazed and Confused magazine and what I love about the photographs is that you are brought into it. The models make you want to have their fun, reckless lives and I think this is an important message to portray. A photograph must make someone feel as if they want to be part of it...that is what sells it after all!

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  1. these are seriously good! i actually love them :D very taalented xx